Choosing which lawyer or practice to use can be quite daunting

But at Willis Legal, our friendly teams based in Napier and Hastings go out of their way to make the legal process as simple as possible for you to understand. We have ISO accredited practices* that guarantee you get the best possible legal support services from all our staff.

Every time.

*Our point of difference for our Napier office is our ISO 9001:2015 Legal Practice certification. What this means for you is that we have specific independent guidelines to follow on every job that we do. No other legal practice in Hawke’s Bay can offer this.

In keeping with our ideals of making everything simple and to the point, in July of 2016 Willis Toomey Robinson Scannell Hardy changed its name to Willis Legal.

Now that sounds better doesn’t it?

The firm actually celebrated its centenary in 1989. That’s a long time so we must be doing something right! The fact of its age has, in itself, built up a law firm of extensive experience in all areas of law. It is worthy of mention that three High Court Judges (Justice Woodhouse, Justice Gallen and Justice Chisholm) and one District Court Judge (Judge B.H.S.Neal) originated from this law firm.
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Our Team

Our present legal services structure consists of two Consultants, seven Partners, six Associates, two Lawyers, five Legal Executives, a Practice Manager together with fifteen secretarial and support staff.

We are also members of the highly respected LANZ – LawAlliance NZ, an association of independent legal practices.