Before an estate can be administered and distributed to the beneficiaries the High Court must grant approval.

The two most common forms of approval are:

  • If there is a Will the executors apply for a grant of probate.
  • If there is no Will then a grant needs to be sought for letters of administration giving the appropriate family member authority to deal with the assets of the estate.

If the estate is a small estate (defined in the Administration Act as an estate where there is no real property (land) and no one individual asset exceeds $15,000.00 in value) then approval from the Court is not required.

The process is often daunting and can take time.  We are able to assist.

Following the death of your loved one, one of our estates team members can meet with you.  This person will talk you through all the steps that need to be taken to administer the estate.  This person will also get from you all the necessary information in respect of the deceased person’s assets and debts.

If you wish to discuss any matter relating to managing the estates process then please do not hesitate to contact Erin Gibson at

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