by Robyn Matthews

Reverse Mortgages: Characteristics & Considerations

A reverse mortgage is a financial product that is most commonly used by senior citizens over the age of 65 who wish to create a passive cash flow to supplement…

by Robyn Matthews

Don’t let your next property purchase be a Meth Lab!

Methamphetamine Laboratories or ‘meth labs’ are a growing problem in New Zealand.  The Police are finding an increasing number each year.  The potential of meth contamination is therefore also increasing….

by Robyn Matthews Property

Going Guarantor

Being a guarantor will negatively impact on your own finances.  Before agreeing to become a guarantor for a loan, it is vitally important to understand what you are committing yourself…

by Robyn Matthews

Fair Trading Act v Consumer Guarantees Act

The Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act are designed to protect consumers in New Zealand. Many New Zealanders are aware of the existence of these Acts but are…