Increased regulation means that a current Government-issued photo identification is essential.

We often encounter the situation where clients who no longer drive and no longer travel and consequently do not have a current driver’s licence or passport.

The Automobile Association offer a free service whereby SuperGold Card carriers may add a photograph to their SuperGold Card.

To future-proof against the situation where you no longer have a valid passport or driver’s licence, we recommend you to upgrade your SuperGold Card NOW. However, as the card does not include a date of birth, it is also necessary to have a full birth certificate.

In order to arrange for a photograph to be added to your Card, you need to visit your nearest AA Driver and Vehicle Training Licensing outlet with your Card, along with three forms of identification that verify your name and date of birth (such as a current passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate or deed poll) plus evidence of your address (such as a bank statement or utility bill).

No forms are required to be filled out. Your photograph will be taken and a new card will be posted to you.

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