by Michael Wenley

Dry Stream or Riverbed Claims

Some Land Transfer Certificates of Title will record the edge of a stream as the legal boundary.  Generally, this will not be a straight line, and there will be situations…

by Michael Wenley

New District Court Rules

The District Court Rules 2014 came into force on 1 July 2014 and replaced the District Court Rules 2009.  The 2009 Rules were introduced with the apparent objective of enabling…

by Michael Wenley

Terms of Trade

Any business providing goods or services on a credit payment basis should have appropriate Terms of Trade recorded in writing and agreed before goods or services are provided on credit….

by Michael Wenley

Limited Licences

If you are disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence, there may be scope for applying to the District Court for a limited licence (sometimes referred to as a…

by Michael Wenley Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Disputes Tribunal

The Disputes Tribunal provides a forum to decide disputes where the amount of the claim does not exceed $15,000, however the jurisdiction of the Tribunal can be extended to $20,000…

by Michael Wenley Estate Planning

Mutual Wills

Two will-makers make “mutual wills” when they make wills that dispose of property in a way that they have agreed and each promises the other that they will not revoke…