We understand times can be tough

Our family law team is experienced in dealing with all areas of family law, and provides legal advice and assistance with compassion and awareness of the emotional and difficult time our clients may be going through.

Parenting and Contact

We can assist in all matters relating to your children including care and contact arrangements, guardianship, child support issues and adoption.

Relationship Issues and Relationship Property

We can provide advice to you on issues arising from a separation, relationship property matters (including both Contracting Out/Prenuptial Agreements at the beginning of a relationship and division of property following a separation), the use of family trusts, spousal maintenance and dissolution of marriage.

Domestic Protection

We can act on your behalf in the making of an application for domestic protection orders where those may be necessary as a result of domestic violence.


If you are unhappy with provision made for you in the Will of a parent or grandparent, you may be able to challenge the Will.

Separation and Dissolution of Marriage

We can advise you on all issues arising as a result of a separation and if you (or your former spouse) didn’t want to apply yourself for a dissolution of marriage (divorce), which you are able to do two years after your date of separation, we can prepare and file that application on your behalf.

Relationship Property
and Spousal Maintenance

We can provide advice to you on all family property matters including the division of relationship property following a separation, contracting out/prenuptial agreements (maintaining certain property as separate property) and the use of family trusts. We can also advise on whether you may be entitled to ongoing financial support (spousal maintenance) from a former spouse or de facto partner.